Surviving Natural Disasters with Solar Power

September 9, 2018

Sometimes when life gets hectic and technology has taken over our lives, it is nice to go “off the grid” just to get away from it all. Unfortunately, sometimes going “off the grid” is not a planned event, but rather an event caused by Mother Nature such as: hurricanes, heavy rains, flooding, tornadoes and, during the winter, blizzards. Surviving a natural disaster could mean days, weeks or, in some cases, months without power. Here is a look at how solar power could help with not only surviving, but thriving post natural disasters.


Americans don’t have to think too far back to remember when three major hurricanes in less than a month wreaked havoc to traditional power grids across Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Many people were left without power for weeks and some on the island are still struggling to maintain power consistently. While each natural disaster is unique, they often have a common event that causes hardship and sometimes even death – the loss of electricity. Assessing critical human needs is usually the first order of business. Recovery efforts begin with caring for the medical needs first. Restoring access to food, water, and shelter is also high on the recovery protocol list. During each stage of the rescue and recovery efforts, power is needed to help with communication, lighting, water purification, and a large number of small, but equally important tasks.


Many disaster preparedness experts believe that solar energy is one of the most effective tools during a disaster. After all, sunlight is free, reliable, and makes for an exceptional emergency energy source. Here are a few ways in which solar energy was used in the disaster relief efforts over the last hurricane season and how they are hoping to aid in the future.


  • Portable solar generators can be a lifesaver in the event of a natural disaster. Depending upon the needs of a community, solar power generators can help operate command centers, mobile medical centers, cellphones, and computers needed for the rescue and relief effort.
  • Solar ovens can help feed communities that have lost power.
  • Solar water systems can provide clean water for people trying to survive a disaster who otherwise would not have access to filtered fresh water. This can save hundreds, even thousands, from bacterial infections after a disaster.
  • Portable solar chargers, while smaller, are great for individuals affected by a disaster to be able to reach out to emergency personnel and/or to check on family members. Many families in Puerto Rico waited weeks to finally hear from family members.
  • Solar power can both help rebuild communities faster and restore the infrastructure quicker. When the hurricanes hit the Caribbean islands, traditional power grids were lost, but now with the rebuilding (keeping solar in mind), they will be able to better withstand the fury of storms in the future.


Solar energy is not only a smart choice for our environment and our wallets, but also in cases when Mother Nature unleashes her wrath upon communities. Are you considering going solar? Call SunPower by BlueSel at 781-281-8130 or visit our website today.