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Is My Home A Good Candidate For Solar?

April 12, 2018

Are you one of the hundreds of Massachusetts homeowners considering going solar this year? You may have seen solar panels on neighboring homes and wondered if your home is also suitable for solar panels.

Would this move to solar save you money on your utility bills and what would it take to install a solar system?

In trying to answer whether solar panels make sense for your home, there are three main questions that both homeowners and solar installation experts will ask regarding whether your home is a good candidate. This comes before making the decision to install a solar system on your roof. Read on through our estimation process to see if solar panels may benefit you and your lifestyle.

Will Solar Energy Be A Cost Savings For Your Home?

For most homeowners, the answer to this will be a resounding “yes”, especially given the amount of electric, natural gas, and fossil fuels many of us use to heat our homes and keep all of our wonderful technology running day and night. A SunPower by BlueSel expert can examine your utility bills and let you know if you will be getting a good return on your investment if you should choose solar.

We take a look at how much you spend and use on your bills currently, and how that will be offset by solar energy. If your home is able to access inexpensive electricity or you do not use much, then solar may not be for you. Check out our solar calculator on our website to get an initial look at what your savings could be in using solar paneling.

What Is The Condition & Age Of Your Roof?

Considering that SunPower panels have a 25-year warranty and are known for being long-lasting, homeowners will want to take into account the age and condition of their roof. How old is the roof? Is it nearing the end of its lifespan? Should it be replaced before installing solar paneling? In addition, is your roof in good condition, meaning are their current issues such as leaks, curling shingles, or cracks that are visible that will need repair in the not-so-distant future?

What Level Of Sun Exposure Does Your Roof Receive?

An ideal home for solar paneling has access to direct sunlight with few or no overhanging trees. Our solar installation consultants can examine your roof’s direction and environmental surroundings to determine if your roof gets enough sun exposure and is void of shade from nearby trees or buildings.

What’s Next As A Homeowner?

As a homeowner interested in utilizing solar, you have some options. Call us for an estimate, and speak with our solar panel installation experts who know all the right questions to ask you. When you decide to install solar panels, our process works similarly regarding experts communicating your needs with you.

How To Get Started On Your Estimate & Panel Installation

During this time, we create a preliminary estimate and design scheme for your home, taking into account the homeowner’s energy needs by evaluating utility bills as well as examining the home’s roof and degree of sun exposure. These factors can tell our team if your home is a good candidate for our solar energy panels. We take the time to answer any questions the homeowner has about how solar works, our panels, and what the process will be, should they choose to install SunPower panels

Wondering if your home is a good candidate for solar? Call SunPower by BlueSel today at 781-281-8130 to set up an appointment to see if your home is a good candidate for solar paneling.