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Massachusetts Solar Installation

Generate your own clean, abundant electricity from the sun. Join the hundreds of customers we’ve helped go solar and experience the savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Are you seeing more homes with solar on the roof? Are you curious if you home or business is a good candidate for solar? Are you looking for quality solar panels and a quality solar energy system?
If so, contact SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar, Inc. today. The time is now! Incentives are scheduled to change, so don't delay. Call (844) 865-8838 ... no sales pressure, we promise!

SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar has installed hundreds of solar energy systems in Massachusetts using the best equipment available. As the first SunPower Master Dealer in Massachusetts, SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar is uniquely qualified to help you easily go solar and save money, with the peace of mind you expect from SunPower, the world leader in solar panel design and manufacturing.

If you are interested in learning more, request your free estimate.

Make The Smart Choice. Switch To Solar Today.

Three Easy Steps To Help You Get Started

  • Why Solar?

    Regardless of where you are in your investigation and decision about going solar, you likely have questions. Let us answer them. There’s no cost or obligation, but we offer valuable information to make an informed decision.

  • Cost of Solar

    Whether you want to pay for your system outright or finance it, we’ll help you understand how you can easily and affordably go solar. Our customers who finance their systems are cash flow positive soon after installation.

  • Free Estimate

    Our experts will create a custom solar design and detailed solar proposal for your business or home. We will include an estimate of future savings and offer you a wide variety of solar financing options.

Rave Reviews

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed. Don't Just Take Our Word For It. Hear From Our Customers.

  • “Great management, super crew!”

    - Joyce & Bill Lin

  • “Just wanted you to know that my electric use last month from NSTAR was $0!”

    - Robyn Michaels

  • “I am very pleased, and will be recommending Blue Selenium Solar”

    - Matt & Susan Laracy

  • “You guys are one of the best”

    - Nate Williams

  • “I am really glad that I did this.”

    - Mark Schiffenhaus

  • “I could not have been more impressed with the professionalism and quality of your work.”

    - Don & Peg Harbert

  • “A class A job!”

    - Peter Stewart

  • “We have been thrilled with the whole experience”

    - Chuck Khuen

  • “I heartily recommend Blue Selenium Solar for their efficiency, knowledge, and patience”

    - Jacqueline Russell

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SunPower® Master Dealer

Superior Technology. Superior Performance.

As the first SunPower Master Dealer in Massachusetts, SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar is uniquely qualified to answer all of your questions about going solar. The SunPower Master Dealer program is a “by invitation” only program. There are only 21 SunPower Master Dealers in the country. If you care enough to install the best equipment, wouldn’t you want it installed by the best installer?

Demand Better Solar. Depend upon a SunPower Master Dealer to install it.
SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar is your local SunPower Master Dealer.

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Massachusetts Solar Installation

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Each of our customers has different needs, goals, and properties. As such, it is very difficult to state a universal price quote for solar installations. We advise you to contact us today for further information. A member from our team would be happy to travel to your commercial or residential property and offer you an accurate price quote.

  • What Sets Your Panels Apart?

    Our solar installation company utilizes SunPower panels. These panels have been tested in countless studies and have come out on top in terms of efficiency, durability, output and more. Instead of grating and metal paste, our designs use Maxeon® cell atop solid copper plating allowing for an aesthetically pleasing product that produces exceptional results.

  • Will The Installation Cause Harm?

    Many of our customers question if the installation of our solar panels will harm their roof or cause leaks. However, part of our intricate installation process includes the installation of a new roof for your business or home. Our fiberglass and asphalt composite prevents leaks and other roof-related issues. Additionally, this material is shock-exorbitant during earthquakes.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    We make getting started easy for our customers. Just give us a call and schedule your free solar consultation. We will analyze your energy usage and asses the available space. We will create a proposal and inform you of the financing options that are available to you. After we have obtained the required permits and completed the system design, we will begin to install your solar panels.

    SunPower by BlueSel Home Solar, Inc. can help you sustain energy & obtain a more affordable future. Call our Massachusetts solar installation company for a free quote!

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